The Christmas Cookie Shop - Ginny Baird

The Christmas Cookie Shop

By Ginny Baird

  • Release Date: 2016-10-25
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 167 Ratings


Come home this Christmas to…
Where everyday dreams come true!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ginny Baird brings you the start of a brand new holiday series…

(Christmas Town, Book 1)

Hannah Winchester is down on her luck and disillusioned with love, but her fortunes are about to change. When Hannah inherits a defunct bakery in East Tennessee, her first thought is to sell it and settle her substantial debt. Then the townsfolk welcome her warmly and she’s taken with the joyful spirit of the place, where stores employ holiday themes and residents have surnames like Christmas and Claus. After a handsome lawman comes to her aid dressed as Santa, Hannah learns he’s more than a hot guy in a red suit and shiny black boots. Sheriff Carter Livingston has joined in the cause of rejuvenating the town, and he’s encouraging her to do her part. Hannah’s great-grandmother, Lena, sold special holiday cookies that brought hope and renewal to the people of Christmas Town. Yet Hannah has plans elsewhere and isn’t looking to stay. Can she possibly reopen the shop known for kindling romance—without sacrificing her heart?


The last turn she took was supposed to lead straight to the town roundabout, the one that connected with South Main Street. Hannah had been told to watch for a flagpole, the courthouse, a library, and a big town sign. But all she saw ahead of her in these near-whiteout conditions was more snow! That’s when a flashing blue glimmer in her driver’s side mirror caught her eye. Thank goodness! Help has arrived. It had to be a cop figuring her for a distressed motorist. Hannah certainly couldn’t get any more distressed than this. 

Hannah hadn’t journeyed to Tennessee for a leisurely visit. She’d inherited a business she knew absolutely nothing about, and she was determined to sell it at the first opportunity. She tried to imagine herself running a cookie shop, but just couldn’t. The only picture that came to mind involved huge plumes of black smoke curling out an open doorway. Where some people had a brown thumb in the garden, Hannah wore a charred oven mitt in the kitchen. She couldn’t even microwave popcorn without the bag catching fire.

Hannah spun in her seat to better view the approaching figure in dark clothing. No, wait. It’s a matching red tunic and slacks worn beneath an open field coat. The full silhouette of a man emerged from a snowy swirl and Hannah’s heart thumped. It wasn’t just any outfit; it was a Santa suit. Though she’d never seen Old Saint Nick looking quite like that. Rather than being short and stout, he was tall and built, with an obviously solid chest and a manly jaw thinly disguised by a fake white beard. A Santa hat sat slightly askew on his head, partially covering short brown hair. He strode to her driver’s side window in shiny black boots and tapped on the glass. Hannah goggled at the apparition, then lowered her window a crack. 

Evergreen eyes peered in at her and Hannah caught her breath. She didn’t even know eyes came in that color. They reminded her of Christmas trees: the really fresh kind, not the plastic sort that normally stood on an end table in the corner of her apartment. 

“Everything okay in there? I saw that you’d pulled over. No wonder, really.” Little lines crinkled around his eyes, lending them warmth beneath the wind’s chill. “Given the weather.” He tugged off his fake beard and stuffed it in his pocket, exposing a rugged face. 

Whoa, he was a good-looking Santa. She judged him to be a few years older than her but not more than five. As if his age mattered! Hannah wasn’t in Tennessee to stay and she certainly wasn’t in the market for a man. She’d had enough boyfriends to last her, thank you very much. And every…single…one of them had let her down. Love. Just one more four-letter word that had been canned from her vocabulary.

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ginny Baird has published novels in print and online and received screenplay options from Hollywood for her family and romantic comedy scripts. She writes heartwarming contemporary romance about single women facing everyday challenges. Known for featuring holidays and family themes in her work, Ginny frequently portrays the struggles of single parents or others who've given up on finding true love. 

Ginny has two novella series, The Holiday Brides Series (holiday romance) and The Summer Grooms Series (summer romance), a Romantic Ghost Stories series (paranormal ghost romance), and additional single titles available. She is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, a Top 10 Best Seller on iBooks. NOOK, and Kindle, and a #1 Best Seller in several Romance and Women's Fiction categories. Visit Ginny's website to learn more about her and her books.


  • The Christmas Cookie Shop

    By *cvg
    What a fun book to read! It was a page turner and I didn’t want to put it down. If you enjoy a romance with funny episodes, twists and turns - you will enjoy this book.
  • The Christmas Cookie Shop

    By jk(9
    Cute in places. Just seems too much detail. Skipped over much of the book.
  • I loved this book!

    By PattysCustomDesigns
    This was a sweet romance set in a town full of fun loving characters. I can't wait to read the next book I feel like I know everything about the people and the town!
  • There's a lot to like in this story!

    By Dawn Pearson
    Hannah Winchester has recently inherited property in the form of her great grandmother's cookie shop in Christmas Town, TN. She simply wants to go there, list it for sale, and use the money to help pay off her student loans and go to grad school. However, she never expected to fall in love with the town or the town's sheriff. The only problem is that she can't cook and the legendary recipe appears to be lost or stolen! Carter Livingston agreed to be the local sheriff, but he soon realized that the local townspeople are unrepentant matchmakers. If only they would leave him alone. He's not ready to open up about his dark past and face the rejection of a woman. Besides, his last girlfriend only wanted to change him. Yet, when he stops to help a young woman who appears to be lost, he can't help but want to get to know her better. There's a lot to like about this story. First, I loved the realistic nature of the romance. The dialogue and the pace felt real. It was both witty and open. I always appreciate when characters are honest with each other. Furthermore, the secondary characters are fantastic. I enjoyed their antics with attempted matchmaking as well as their genuine love and friendships. The story also has a wonderful emphasis on family - whether that's a real / birth family or through friendships. So, when it comes to offering forgiveness, the strength of character is there to extend it. Next, the mild mystery surrounding the recipe was a nice plot device. I felt it helped develop the storyline. Finally, I liked the quirkiness that dabbled with a hint of paranormal or magic. It's just a flavor of the paranormal to catch your attention, but not so much to turn the whole book that direction. To me, it works and I had fun reading the exchanges between the characters involved. If I had to critique anything, it would be that, compared to the author's previous work, this is steamier than everything else. There is a scene that rather pushes the envelope with a PG rating. I mention this because this matters to some people. All in all, I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to the next in the series. I love the characters and am eager to read more about them. Romance - "steamy PG" / almost PG13? - based on one scene. Otherwise, it's just kisses. Language - clean My rating - 5 stars.
  • Ginny Baird's The Christmas Cookie Shop

    By Carol M Smith
    The Christmas Cookie Shop is located in Christmas Town, Tennessee. Hannah Winchester has inherited this shop. It had once been run By her great-great grandmother, Lena Winchester. Lena baked special holiday cookies that seem to be magical. Hannah has no baking or cooking knowledge. She has come to town to sell the shop. Now she finds herself At home in this town and attracted to the town sheriff. But even if she could bake, the secret special recipe seems to have been lost. Lots of flavor to this story from a great array of Characters. The shenanigans and dynamics between some of the characters including Hannah's two kittens, Jingles and Belle added humor within this story. Delightful setting, beautiful friendships, appealing read gives the reader a enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book. I volunteered to read an Advanced Reader Copy. Thanks to the author for the eBook. My opinion is my own.
  • Fantastic

    By bh313@hotmail
    This first book in Ginny Baird's newest series is a fantastic story and promises us many more stories set in the quaint little town of Christmas Town, Tennessee. Hannah Winchester arrives i Christmas Town ready to sell the small bakery left to her by her great grandmother. She in no way plans to stay in this little town or reopen the shop. Soon though she finds herself wrapped in the warmth of the townspeople and the joyous nature of the town itself. Having the attention of the town sheriff Carter Livingston isn't so bad either. Will Hannah's fear of opening her heart to not only the town but to Carter keep her from staying? I highly recommend this one and I personally can't wait for more in this series.