The Solid-State Shuffle - Jeffrey A. Ballard

The Solid-State Shuffle

By Jeffrey A. Ballard

  • Release Date: 2016-10-04
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 4
From 94 Ratings


Almost a hundred years ago, a major terrestrial event reshaped the earth's coastlines. Goodbye entire cities. Goodbye entire states. Goodbye entire countries. And when the authorities outlawed salvaging from these underwater cities, why say hello to a new breed of criminal: underwater reclamation specialists. Even a hundred years later, there's still a whole lot of loot for the reclaiming.

But it's not theft if you put it back, right?

After cracking an underwater vault in their first major heist in the Seattle Isles, Isa and her crew think they're on easy street again—that is, if they can figure out what it is exactly they stole. A question, they soon learn, where their very lives hang in the balance.

Thrust into a high-stakes game of subterfuge and deception by the local mob boss, Isa and her crew must scramble to unravel the mystery of what it is they stole while unseen forces move against them.

Harried. Threatened at every turn. Isa and her crew must stay one step ahead to stay alive.

Sunken City Capers is a fun post-apocalyptic series with no zombies, just criminals and mischievous ne'er-do-wells. Fans of heist books/movies and strong female protagonists will likely enjoy this series.

Sunken City Capers Books:
The Solid-State Shuffle, Book 1The Elgin Deceptions, Book 2Leverage, Book 3The Brummie Con, Book 4Book 5 Coming Soon!


  • Master Deception

    By Fritzz
    Never could have imagined how fun and fast a spin accelerates into deception. It’s a Heist and a Who Done It To Our Heist ? with a Flim-Flam, Noir-styled, rapid-fire, post apocalyptic dialogue. And the world is just fine. Almost the same… what’s left. Our hero-criminals of this high tech world thrive on wit/grit, and dialogue has almost become the purpose of the story. Plot layers don’t just evolve - they collide as an excuse to hear our masterminds punk each other as they Up-the-anti-that-just-got-upped. Ya gotta be fast. Ya gotta be best
  • The solid state shuffle

    By zeusboo
    Fun read with intriguing plot and entertaining main characters. Lots of twists and turns to keep you riveted.
  • The Solid-State Shuffle

    By ed 3.1624
    A page-turner! Already have the next one!
  • Promising

    By eriknoel
    Despite its post-apocalyptic setting, by focusing on human larceny this series has limitless possibilities. We all love an intricate caper.
  • Very good but not great.

    By Alpine_Mike
    Good story, suspenseful plotting, characters deep enough to seem real, interesting premise. Distracting were a few grammatical errors, wrong word, doubled words; spell check is not a proofreader. Tried a grammar checker? I always like a good caper movie. The only thing missing from this one was the presence of cops.
  • The solid state shuffle

    By i luv reading
    Intriguing plot line. Reveals a stunning amount of the internal thought processes of the characters.