Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow - Gabrielle Zevin

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

By Gabrielle Zevin

  • Release Date: 2022-07-05
  • Genre: Literary
Score: 4.5
From 452 Ratings


NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER In this exhilarating novel by the best-selling author of The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry two friends—often in love, but never lovers—come together as creative partners in the world of video game design, where success brings them fame, joy, tragedy, duplicity, and, ultimately, a kind of immortality.

"Utterly brilliant. In this sweeping, gorgeously written novel, Gabrielle Zevin charts the beauty, tenacity, and fragility of human love and creativity.... One of the best books I've ever read." —John Green
On a bitter-cold day, in the December of his junior year at Harvard, Sam Masur exits a subway car and sees, amid the hordes of people waiting on the platform, Sadie Green. He calls her name. For a moment, she pretends she hasn’t heard him, but then, she turns, and a game begins: a legendary collaboration that will launch them to stardom. These friends, intimates since childhood, borrow money, beg favors, and, before even graduating college, they have created their first blockbuster, Ichigo. Overnight, the world is theirs. Not even twenty-five years old, Sam and Sadie are brilliant, successful, and rich, but these qualities won’t protect them from their own creative ambitions or the betrayals of their hearts.
Spanning thirty years, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Venice Beach, California, and lands in between and far beyond, Gabrielle Zevin’s Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is a dazzling and intricately imagined novel that examines the multifarious nature of identity, disability, failure, the redemptive possibilities in play, and above all, our need to connect: to be loved and to love. Yes, it is a love story, but it is not one you have read before.


  • If you grew up a gamer…

    By Runner702
    This is the perfect book for the gamer who finds themselves at the beach. Listen to the waves, let the nostalgia of a classic video game wash over you while the story of a lifelong friendship unfolds. There was good character development early on, and I enjoy the story the author was trying to tell. There is a side of me which feels that the story is somewhat incomplete and there are chapters which are glossed over, but then again, maybe its by design. How often have you filled in the backstory for a video game character in the absence of the full story being given to you?
  • Slow Burn Let Down

    By Mrs. tekbotic
    Read this book all the way to the end. Love the premise, and really wanted to love this book. I kept waiting for it to get more captivating. My guess is I just couldn’t get behind the ambling laissez faire writing style. I felt like the characters were all the same and didn’t have much emotion to them. The characters that were supposed to have chemistry just seemed bored due to the lack of communication. Personally I think the writer believed they had developed them really well, but it actually fell short.
  • Tomorrow

    By Marine Chick
    I couldn’t put it down and am sad that it had to end. Please write a sequel.
  • New story line

    By Grateful524
    Great story Especially if you like video games
  • Amazing!

    By Kerryr3
    This book evolved along with the characters. The ending was so perfect. Just a great read!
  • Unique which is refreshing.

    By molrud
    I read a lot, and enjoyed the originality and unpredictable aspect of this story. Fabulous character development. I found myself continually routing for each and every character.
  • Perfect

    By Mle Verde
    I read this in days. Absolutely delightful vocabulary, sentimental and real characters, and nerdy references and concepts.
  • Unexpectedly a new favorite

    By gillianoshatz
    “What is a game? It’s tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow. It’s the possibility of infinite rebirth, infinite redemption. The idea that if you keep playing, you can win. No loss is permanent, because nothing is permanent, ever.” While reading a good bulk of this book, I thought I would end up giving it 4 stars. It’s been different to what I’m used to. The story is there, but I thought it could be slow at times, sometimes a little over descriptive. I started this book a week ago. Tonight, about 60% through, I could not put it down, and I would read in to the early hours. I used to have an old habit of needing to finish a book as soon as I picked it up, and I’ve only done that maybe once or twice this year. I had to keep reading this book. It was all necessary to take the story where it needed to go. NPC broke me in such a beautiful, heartbreaking way. And I couldn’t leave it there, so I stayed up to 2AM to finish this incredible book. The last page bringing tears to my eyes. Bittersweet tears. This is quite possibly now one of my favorite books. “Why wouldn’t you tell someone you loved them? Once you loved someone, you repeated it until they were tired of hearing it. You said it until it ceased to have meaning. Why not? Of course, you goddamn did.”
  • Perfect for readers who love gaming

    By nessfuzz
    I enjoyed the story between the characters but I’m not much of a gamer and I feel like if I was, I would’ve enjoyed it way more. I found myself skimming through certain chapters but at the same time I was invested in the story line. Over all good read!
  • Gorgeous writing

    By meegan!!!
    I found myself trying to read this slowly because I didn’t want it to end. Also the word choice is absolutely exquisite.