Lightlark (Book 1) - Alex Aster

Lightlark (Book 1)

By Alex Aster

  • Release Date: 2022-08-23
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 85 Ratings


#BookTok phenomenon and award-winning author Alex Aster delivers readers a masterfully written, utterly gripping YA fantasy novel
Welcome to the Centennial.
Every 100 years, the island of Lightlark appears to host the Centennial, a deadly game that only the rulers of six realms are invited to play. The invitation is a summons—a call to embrace victory and ruin, baubles and blood. The Centennial offers the six rulers one final chance to break the curses that have plagued their realms for centuries. Each ruler has something to hide. Each realm’s curse is uniquely wicked. To destroy the curses, one ruler must die.   
Isla Crown is the young ruler of Wildling—a realm of temptresses cursed to kill anyone they fall in love with. They are feared and despised, and are counting on Isla to end their suffering by succeeding at the Centennial.
To survive, Isla must lie, cheat, and betray…even as love complicates everything.
Filled with secrets, deception, romance, and twists worthy of the darkest thrillers, Lightlark is a must-read for fans of legendary fantasy writers Marie Lu, Marissa Meyer, and Leigh Bardugo.


  • Love love love!!!!!

    By Starlyn435678
    Couldn’t put it down!! I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next book and dying to know what’s behind the DOOR!
  • Loved it

    By lolamaygirl
    Awesome Book!
  • Not great.

    By Lexikiddens.
    While the idea is great - the end piece will leave you wanting. The writing was rushed, flat in most areas and the world building wasn’t thought through. I was hoping for something more but was left wanting.
  • Good grief

    By musicandTVlvr
    This book makes very little sense. I’m an avid fantasy reader and this… I burned through it fast just because I was so hopeful for the concept but my god The main character is an insufferable Mary Sue self insert who is called a “strategist” but also is so freaking impulsive she ruins her own plans literally every time she makes one. The plot twist… I mean look I love a good plot twist, hit me over the head with a surprise piano for all I care, but typically they’re something you say “oh crap it was THEM!?!!!!” and a reread adds substance to the things you now know indicate the twist. That… that does not happen this is totally out of the blue. The creepy age gap romance in fantasy books is always a delight, ick. I… I cannot begin to explain without spoiling it further how bummed I was about this book.