Make a Wish - Helena Hunting

Make a Wish

By Helena Hunting

  • Release Date: 2023-01-24
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4
From 42 Ratings


With her signature charm and sense of humor, bestselling author Helena Hunting creates a novel about love, family, and second chances in Make a Wish.

Ever have a defining life moment you wish you could do over? Harley Spark has one. The time she almost kissed the widowed father of the toddler she nannied for. It was so bad they moved across the state and she never saw them again.

Fast forward seven years and she’s totally over it. At least she thinks she is. Until Gavin Rhodes and his adorable now nine-year-old daughter, Peyton, reappear at a princess-themed birthday party hosted by Spark House, Harley’s family’s event hotel. Despite trying to avoid the awkwardness of the situation, she can’t help but notice how unbearably sexy he looks in a tutu. Add to that a spontaneous hives breakout, and it’s clear she’s not even remotely over the mortification of her egregious error all those years ago.

Except Gavin seems oblivious to her inner turmoil. So much so that he suggests they get together for lunch. For Peyton’s sake, of course. It’s the perfect opportunity to heal old wounds. Or it could just reopen them. This is one of those times Harley wishes she could see the future…


  • Good ending

    By Laura__F
    The final Spark sister to get her HEA was my favorite of the series. Harley is very strong even though she's so young. Her feelings were so deep and so powerful. Peyton was the best part of these characters. This series was cute and I enjoyed getting to know them
  • A Perfect HEA

    By nfagnani
    Make a Wish is the final book in Helena Hunting’s Spark House series and I love that she saved Harlow for last! We’ve gotten to see glimpses of her in the first two books but I loved finally getting to really know her. There is so much more to her character than imagined and Make a Wish gives us a chance to let us really see her grow. I loved the dynamic between her and Gavin. Though he’s a bit older, he’s still in new territory with relationships and in its own way this is a second chance. Harlow is sweet, and imaginative, and has a heart of gold. Pairing Her with a single dad was perfect for her character and her relationship with Peyton just makes it even sweeter. And, if you love a single dad like I do, you’ll love seeing Gavin with Peyton. I’m sorry to see Spark House come to an end but this is the perfect ending. We also got to check in with Avery and Declan and London and Jackson. It’s always fun to see the sisters together, As always, Helena makes the story sweet and funny with a side of spice!
  • Great second chance romance

    By karak stl
    4.5 stars. I loved returning to Sparks House for Harley’s book. Harley was a nanny before she started to help her sisters with running Sparks House and Gavin is the dad of one of children that she nannied for, Years later Peyton (and Gavin) attend one of the birthday parties Harley has coordinated at Sparks House. Harley and Gavin try to reconnect as friends, but the attraction is too much to ignore. I enjoyed this age gap, single father romance. Gavin is still trying to deal with the loss of his wife (even though it has been years) and how to move on to a new relationship. I liked how strong Harley was and standing up for herself-not wanting to be second best, but was also very patient and understanding with Gavin’s struggles. I also enjoyed the interactions with Peyton and how she and Harley just meshed. This is a great read.
  • A strong finish to the Spark House trilogy!

    By asildroffops
    I am a huge fan of this author. Her ability to write stories about very real characters with their insecurities, emotional struggles, strength, and bravery is as present here a in all of her novels, where she blends her humor with emotion to create stories that make me fall in love with them. I also love the way she writes children with all their exuberance and love for life as well as their own emotional needs. Then nine-year old child and her single dad are impossible not to fall in love with in this story. Harley didn’t stand a chance of avoiding them. The strong bond between the sisters is just as present in this story as the two preceding ones and the backdrop of the continuous changes with their family event space added depth to Harley’s character and her place in her family. I wouldn’t miss out on reading this story! I am voluntarily submitting this review after reading sn advanced complementary copy of this book.
  • My favorite of this series.

    By mpatane5
    My favorite of this series. This age gap/nannyish storyline will definitely pull at your heartstrings as well as steam up your glasses. It’s definitely worth the read.
  • Utter Perfection!

    By Astroyic
    Make A Wish (Spark House #3) by Helena Hunting. This one was by far my favorite in the Spark House series! This second chance romance stole my heart. I had been eager to get my hands on this story and it was Utter Perfection!! Page by page this book consumed me infused with Helena Huntings unique style, she delivered a love story that is entertaining, well written, full of emotion, character and a romance, with great chemistry and lots of heat like no other. A must read book and series! Harley Sparks and Gavin Rhodes have a history. Nine years ago Harley was nanny to his daughter Peyton, until they moved away. Gavin and Peyton have recently moved back to the area and Harley is totally taken by surprise when they arrive at a Spark House Birthday party she is in charge of. But Harley is really floored when he asks her to lunch. It evident that Harley still has feelings for Gavin as well as Peyton. And soon she finds herself lending a hand with Peyton once again and growing attached to both Gavin and Peyton. Harley has been struggling with her role at Spark House as all her duties and roles keep changing. She loves being with children and is very creative. Harley and Peyton are adorable together. And this sweet adorable nine year old steals the show as these two reconnect. But with a boyfriend already and Gavin’s mother-in-law that is not a fan of any female around her granddaughter, these two have a lot to figure out. This one brings all the feels, it will make you laugh and it will bring you to tears at times. I love that Harley is so understanding and patient with Gavin as he struggles to fight for them. I loved every moment of this book. And you really need to read this book now. Utter Perfection! I received an early copy and this is my honest review.
  • Love Gavin and Harley

    By Susanmcqusie
    This is the last of The Spark House series and features Harley Sparks, the youngest of the three Spark sisters. Eight years ago, when she was twenty, she nannied for widower Gavin Rhodes. Gavin’s wife died during childbirth, and he was trying to deal with his grief and a newborn. One night, they almost cross a line, and Gavin ends up moving away. It is now eight years later, and Harley is working a children’s party and their family venue, when Gavin arrives with his 9 year old daughter, Peyton. Gavin and Harley start to reconnect through Peyton. They eventually realize that there is more there than the connection through Peyton, but can they work through their respective baggage to get to their happily ever after? I loved this final book of this series and am a bit sad that there weren’t more sisters for future books. I received an arc of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.
  • Super cute

    By nixswope
    What a finale for such a wonderful series! I have loved every minute of getting to know these wonderful sisters and their forever loves. Harley is such a sweet character and there is no one better for her than Gavin and Peyton. If you love a single father with an adorable, precocious little girl then this is a must read.
  • Make a Wish

    By Jen G F
    A*R*C for honest review with no compensation, Received from NeGalley and St. Martin Press 4.5 stars Make A Wish is book 3 in the Spark House series by Helena Hunting with the final Spark sister, Harley. Sure hope we see more of Spark House, the Spark sisters and maybe the new Sparkle House… This Harley’s story from her time as a nanny to a single dad, Gavin Rhoades who lost his wife during childbirth. After almost 2 yrs, she almost kisses Gavin (who is still grieving) and suddenly he up and moves away. Now 7 yrs later he and Peyton move back to the area and they reconnect but all it not as easy as it looks on the surface. Confrontation, old feelings surface, not letting go of the past, some laughter, tears and more…
  • Wishes come true

    By Heather San
    There were scenes in this book that reminded me of my childhood or my one grandmother that made it an automatic win for me. The characters in this story worked so well together and I did not want it to end as a result. I think Harley might be my favorite Spark sister.