Survivor In Death - J. D. Robb

Survivor In Death

By J. D. Robb

  • Release Date: 2005-02-01
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 652 Ratings


No affairs. No criminal connections. No DNA. No clues. Lieutenant Eve Dallas may be the best cop in the city—not to mention having the lavish resources of her husband Roarke at her disposal—but the Swisher case has her baffled. The family members were murdered in their beds with brutal, military precision. The state-of-the-art security was breached, and the killers used night vision to find their way through the cozy middle-class house. Clearly, Dallas is dealing with pros. The only mistake they made was to overlook the nine-year-old girl cowering in the dark in the kitchen…
Now Nixie Swisher is an orphan—and the sole eyewitness to a seemingly inexplicable crime. Kids are not Dallas’s strong suit. But Nixie needs a safe place to stay, and Dallas needs to solve this case. Not only because of the promise she made to Nixie. Not only for the cause of justice. But also to put to rest some of her own darkest memories—and deepest fears. With her partner Peabody on the job, and watching her back—and with Roarke providing the kind of help that only he can give—Lieutenant Eve Dallas is running after shadows, and dead-set on finding out who’s behind them.


  • Survivor in death

    By debciab
    Couldn’t put down ,,,,!!!!!
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    By yhuzifvi
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    By l ty
    SLC VThanks
  • Survivor in Death

    By survivor in deatb
    Absolutely intrigued by this plot and narrative. My favorite after the first.
  • Awesome book

    Loved this book
  • Awesome

    By SacagaweaBeth
    I have read and reread all of the In Death series so many times I could probably write them word for word. Yet every time I read this book it touches something in me. Having death with childhood abuse and survived, I know how hard the character do Dallas has to work to stay human as it can drive your life if you let it. Nora Roberts does an awesome job of making her main character human with faults as well as being a great heroine. Having the young girl Nixie Swisher stay with Dallas and Roarke was an inspired touch and allows the reader to see Dallas as more than just a cop and a fellow surviving victim. Despite the dark matter Ms. Roberts writes about, she manages to bring sarcasm and a lightness to her characters that makes them seem all the more real and human. I always wait on tender hooks foe the next installment of the series and enjoy seeing the character of Dallas evolve. This character has a depth that is astonishing at times and makes you cheer for her to have a better life than she started with.